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All Memoris balls are crafted in two revolutionary ways. The first way entails new technology in hand stitching, i.e. Internal closing of the seams while the second way, so called Hybrid technology, combines hand stitching, machine stitching and gluing. These are innovative ways of ball production and make the balls several times more durable, reliable and softer than the existing models. In the process of production of some of our balls we combine a cover and inner layer of Memory foam resulting in a ball of perfect performance, with more predictable and balanced trajectory and better memory rebound. The seams of all Memoris balls have a special adhesive coating which reduces water uptake to a level significantly lower than that prescribed by FIFA standards and also protects the seams from dust, mud etc.

Memoris balls are crafted from Cordley, Duksung, Mircofiber or other types of the finest PU synthetic leather. All our balls are made according to FIFA A (Approved) or FIFA I (Inspected) standards.

All Memoris balls are 32-panel balls, stitched with a 5-ply twisted polyester cord or PES (6-Ply Twisted) for even more tighter and stronger seams.
Depending on the purpose Memoris balls have four and/or more layers of the lining composed of polyester and cotton bonded which helps that the ball retains excellent shape, bounce and flight.
Bladder of our football balls are made of latex or butyl while our futsal balls are made of stuffed butyl bladder. The balls have butyl valves for better air retention, with silicone-treated valve for perfect performance.
Silicone treated valves are also used for smooth insertion of the inflating needle and for the protection from air loss.

Retail price: 22,08 € M1180 DRIBBLER Football ball
Retail price: 23,92 € M1186 F.F. Football ball
Retail price: 21,51 € M1187 Dribbler football ball
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