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Memoris shoes are something completely different from everything you have ever seen on the market. Comfort, functionality and design are features of Memoris shoes and every detail is specially created to give each athlete a unique feeling and keep them protected during the game.

All Memoris shoes are manufactured in China, in factories that have a long tradition, experience, quality and a reference list of cooperation with leading international brands.

If one of our models resembles an already existing model you should know that this means that the item is manufactured in the same factory as the brand but it is not the same item at all. They look similar due to the basic model of the factory, which we upgraded with our improvements and inventions to improve the shoes and make them better than any of the existing models on the market.

Proof of this is the test of the quality of Memoris shoes conducted by Jugoinspekt, an international Serbian accredited Laboratory for Quality Control. We demanded the examination of two most important elements which are at the same time key evidence of quality fraying and lining quality (the term “lining quality” refers to every inner part of the shoe). The test results are 500.000 fraying movements without damage as well as the examination of the interior of the shoe under pressure where the result was 100.000 movements without damage. Both results represent the possibility of software, the testing was not envisaged above these results, which means that we do not know what the limit of endurance of our shoes is.

Review the report of the authorized laboratory for quality control.

Memoris shoes have upper part made from a combination of High quality PU, Mesh, Nylon Mesh, Cow suede, Microfiber PU - materials of highest quality resistant to all external impacts, tearing and wearing.

Memoris outsole is made of: Phylon rubber, Eva rubber or Rubber. Phylon rubber and Eva rubber are highly resistant to pressure and allow a 100% outsole return to its original position after jumping. Rubber outsole has silicon on the entire insole board beneath the insole providing in this way a new level of comfort for the foot and a greater elasticity of the shoe.

The most of Memoris shoes have lower part of the outsole specially designed with two improvements, Rotation and K-flex system. Our turf model is the only shoe for artificial grass that possesses this characteristic. Rotation system facilitates movement, allows for rotation under body weight and maximizes the skill of the athlete.K- flex system is the flexible part of the outsole with a pattern designed for extra speed, better utilization of the energy used for jumping and protection of the athletes from any potential injuries.All Memoris shoes are twice secured besides the standard gluing procedure, the sole is also stitched. The front part of the shoe has two additional reinforcements made of a special high- quality rubber which not only protect the part of the shoe exposed to the peak pressure in kicking, but actually improves the kick itself. 

Memoris shoes have three different Insoles with the same basic features -the insole upper side is rough and prevents foot sliding, while the lower part is ribbed- and prevents insole slipping. Memoris insole for turf outsole is very special and created by our team. It has a lower part under the heel which is further protected by silicon that secures the athlete's heel. All new Memoris shoes have a new, revolutionary insole consisting of memory foam and supporting material which enables the insole to follow the motion of the foot. After the foot is separated from the shoe in a particular movement, the memory foam immediately recovers its original shape, thus providing the player with a feeling of walking on a soft carpet.

The insole board is processed by California system from special impregnated fabric and prevents the outsole deformation and fraying. The insole board for shoes with rubber outsole is twice processed by California system and another layer of silicone special protection which makes in the same time enhancing the comfort of the shoes.
Some of our new models have a special reinforcement in the part which is most prone to damaging on professional players’ shoes. This part of the shoe gets damaged in movements of sliding and is located on the outside of the shoe on the inner part of the foot. This part is made of special cow suede most resilient to tearing and wearing and compatible to the material beneath it.

Some of new models also have a special, resistant type of rubber which prevents the damaging of eyelets when over-tightening the laces.

Retail price: 37,99 € M2000 MASTER INDOOR
Retail price: 39,33 € M2001 THE FIRST INDOOR
Retail price: 34,66 € M2200 MASTER TURF
Retail price: 36,66 € M2201 THE FIRST TURF
Retail price: 45,99 € M2002 DOMINATE INDOOR
Retail price: 42,66 € M2203 FORCE INDOOR
Retail price: 39,33 € M2202 WINNER INDOOR
Retail price: 42,66 € M2003 Magic Indoor
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